OmniXbot vs WATI

OmniXbot & Wati, both are leading platform for WhatsApp marketing. Xbot is mainly designed for a unified platform for multiple channels whereas Wati serves only WhatsApp Chats.
OmniXbot allows you to merge facebook messanger, instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, Twitter, Google my Business and many other messaging platforms into an omni panel where your agents can interact and answer the queries of your customers, live.

Here is a brief comparison that explains why OmniXbot is powerful, reliable & cost effective as compared to Wati.

Incoming WebHookAvailableNot Available
Extra AgentINR 699/monthINR 2250/month
Plan Starts from INR 399/month for 200 contactsINR 2900/month
Multi Channel SupportSupports multiple channelsOnly WhatsApp